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Technical FAQ

You Asked, We Answered

Prints stuck on FEP, nothing on build plate:

Increase bottom exposure time and increase the number of bottom layers.

Half the supports have printed but model stuck to FEP

Increase support density, or increase support thickness

Certain parts of model failed

Check for overhangs - support overhangs if present, check support density, check the wear of the FEP

Poor build plate adhesion

Try releveling your build plate, if problem still persists, sand the build plate to make it rougher, relevel after sanding

How to remove failed prints from FEP

Run a tank cleaning print, Expose for 60 seconds and peel off the film of cured resin from the bottom of the tank.

Poor print details

For poor details try increasing exposure times

Rounded details

Looks like you might be overexposing your models, try decreasing exposure times

Is Post Curing Required?

Ackudent 3D Printing Resin does not require post curing. The models are hard straight out of the printer.

Can't find your question?

Please contact us! We are more than happy to help!

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