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Ackudent Dental Castable Resin
  • Ackudent Dental Castable Resin

    SKU: ACK102
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    Color: violet

    Ackudent range of resins offers solutions to a multitude of dental 3D printing requirements. The Ackudent Dental Castable Resin is no exception and is synonymous with quality and reliability. Our Dental Castable Resin performs like no other, with fast printing times and unbeatable quality of the finish of prints and also provide the best casting results with a clean burnout and virtually no residue. Enhanced with Nano particles, our resin provides high detail and  above 4K resolution whilst providing exceptional strength. Easy to sand and polish, with easily removed supports. 


    Follow our instructions that come with each bottle of our resin to achieve the cleanest casting results.


    Please find the casting/burnout cycle here.

    1. Wash in clean IPA until surface is resin free.

    2. Remove all supports.

     3. Post cure in a UV lamp for a minimum of 18 minutes before investing.

    4. After investing, follow our burnout cycle to achieve exceptional casting results.


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